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A Brighter and Cleaner Future
The Impact of Smart Technology on Energy Savings

In a world constantly seeking sustainability, smart lighting emerges as a key solution.

At Kapsea, our commitment to innovative and eco-friendly lighting solutions is part of our mission to create a cleaner future.

Up to 75%

energy savings

The Power of Grouped Detection

Our grouped detection technology redefines energy efficiency. By enabling our luminaires to communicate and adjust collectively, we achieve substantial energy savings – from 50% to 75% compared to conventional systems.

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Energy consumption

Comfort and Energy Savings

Grouped detection ensures uncompromised comfort by adjusting the light intensity to actual needs and avoiding any waste of energy. This technology guarantees optimal lighting while significantly reducing energy consumption.

IoT Management for Maximum Flexibility

Our IoT management system offers unparalleled adaptability, allowing real-time adjustments based on environmental conditions and specific requirements. This customizable management maximizes energy savings and meets the unique needs of each space.

Cost Reduction with Smart Solar Solutions

Integrating smart technology into our solar solutions has a direct impact on their cost. By optimizing energy usage, we can reduce the size of the necessary solar panels and batteries, thereby decreasing the initial costs by 30 to 40%. This increased efficiency means a more affordable and accessible solar solution, while still maintaining high performance.

Savings summary


of energy savings with grouped sensors


of energy savings with IoT solutionsd


of cost savings on solar systems.

KAPSEA Commitment: 

At Kapsea, reducing the carbon footprint while providing quality lighting is our raison d'être. Our smart solutions illustrate our commitment to combining innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. 

"Smart technology is at the heart of our vision for a more sustainable future. By combining energy savings with ecological innovations, Kapsea positions itself at the forefront of a future illuminated in a smart and responsible way."

A Brighter and Cleaner Future
KAPSEA, Ludovic MIEZE 7 December, 2023
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