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Founded in 2006, KAPSEA team emerged from the demanding world of sea lighting.

The urgency of current environmental challenges naturally led us to expand our offer with autonomous solar devices. Our solar range is applicable to our own highly technical lightings and also to any other existing fixtures, offering outstanding performance anytime, anywhere. 

At the same time we developed indoor and outdoor lighting solutions equipped with high performance LEDs and connected to the electricity network. 

Manufactured and tested in the French Alps' harsh conditions, all our solutions are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, and certain configurations are even guaranteed up to 10 years.

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Energy savings from installation onwards and scalable solutions
Our solar range offers solutions which complement one another, from lamps (simple or double) to projectors, with various lighting power and battery capacity, as well as various supports adapted for different uses: roofs, fixtures, facades, masts etc.

A lighting solution for any location, and no need for a connection to an electricity network: carparks, roads, sports grounds, mobile sites, agricultural exploitations, campsites etc.

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Outdoor LED projectors connected to the electricity grid have been at the heart of our savoir-faire from the very beginning. We’ve extended our solutions beyond the marine world to coastal and urban applications, carparks, outdoor lighting of public or private establishments.

Our promise for these extremely demanding products: an exceptional long life. Mastare lights are guaranteed up to 10 years, thanks to their robust components, entirely waterproof and a proven resistance to corrosion. 

Our technical and design teams are constantly improving the technical quality of our products to respond to the most complex situations.

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Our complete range of LED indoor and outdoor lighting, responds to industry and logistics requirements: low glare level, simple and smart management, performance and durability.

Compatible with HEQ and BREEAM certifications: 
All our lighting solutions automatically adapt the power source according to the natural lighting and permanently respect the norms regarding the minimum values of light, and power performance of the buildings etc.

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Purchase directly the lighting solutions you need via our online store. A configuration assistant guides you to select the appropriate product, and you will be delivered on-location anywhere in the world in 2 to 4 weeks ex factory (from France or Taiwan), thanks to our stock of ready-to-assemble components and our mastery of the entire manufacturing value chain.

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Do you prefer to get support in quantifying your requirements and in choosing the optimal configuration? Contact us and we'll accompany you right through to installation in 6 steps, including a photometry study and, for solar lighting, the calculation of the sunshine available on location.

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