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Find here the informations concerning the recycling of our KAPSEA™ products. 

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“We are doing that not just because we have to.. But because we want to. It is better for our planet and for all of us. Ecology is very important, mostly in those days.”


Unlike the lead batteries, our batteries doesn’t contain any of chimicals or toxics components. They are 98% recyclable. Nickel extraction can help to make plenty of materials, especially stainless steel.

Concerning Solar pannels, it has a really good durability. It will still be able to produce at least 80% of its initial power, even after 25 years. So, it can continue to be used or be 96% recycled, for making new solar panels. 

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Screlec ” is specialized in batteries recycling. They are with us to ensure the recycling of deads batteries coming from our products. Better for us, for you and for our earth.

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Unfortunatly, every good things must come to an end; that’s why  Pv Cycle ” are with us. All solar panels which are at the end of their life can be recycled thanks to them. So, Here they are.  

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Ecosystem ” is here for all the others. All recyclables components coming from our products can be recycled by our partner.


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