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Being reliable partners. 

Our experience as partners in major industrial and logistics projects such as lighting 90 - 100 square kilometer buildings, has taught us to focus on the main success factors: controlling product and future operating costs, reducing procurement and installation turn-around-times, and guaranteeing product quality. In a nutshell, this is how, as a reliable partner, we have organized ourselves to help you meet your targets:

Maximum standardization.

Our experience has enabled us to focus on the best products for your needs. A standardized, smaller range means more cost-effective lighting solutions for your business, while retaining the flexibility to adjust power to your need and further reduce energy costs.

A revolutionary design, for rapid installation.

By working closely with installers and integrators as well as the global component manufacturing chain, we have been able to develop quick and easy installation solutions. 


Up to 75% energy saved.

Our products are equipped as standard with dimmable power supplies and ZHAGA plugs, which allow for easy integration of efficient lighting management. 

Up to 10 years warranty.

Our products are equipped with high quality components and are tested extensively (on 15 criteria including shocks, compression, temperature, humidity, voltage, photometry...), for a long lifespan while guaranteeing minimum lighting levels.


>90,000 hours lifetime


Lights on 100%

06:00 ~ 23:00


= 20 YEARS

All our components have been designed and manufactured to maximize their operating life, adding up to the very long lifespans offered by Kapsea's industrial ranges:

High performance LEDs

L70 projected lifetime: 150,000 minimum. Thick PCB is used for optimal thermal dissipation.

Maximized thermal conductivity

Numerous long fins made of ADC 12” aluminium. The increased thermal dissipation ensures that components stay within the manufacturers' safety temperatures limits.

Long-life driver

Lifetime: 90,000 minimum*
Mean time between failure (MTBF): above 350,000 hours.

* Value may differ, depending on product configuration
** Non-contractual estimation based on operations within the listed operating conditions


Kapsea lighting solutions outperform in industrial plants

Industrial plants

Anti-corrosion and chemicals-resistant coating.

Kapsea lighting solutions outperform in logistic warehouses

Logistic warehouses

Entailing cost savings due to lower power consumption and fewer errors.

Kapsea lighting solutions outperform in car parks

Parking space

Efficient lighting to ensure safety on your car or truck park.

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Purchase directly the lighting solutions you need via our online store. A configuration assistant guides you to select the appropriate product, and you will be delivered on-location anywhere in the world in 2 to 4 weeks ex factory (from France or Taiwan), thanks to our stock of ready-to-assemble components and our mastery of the entire manufacturing value chain.

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Do you prefer to get support in quantifying your requirements and in choosing the optimal configuration? Contact us and we'll accompany you right through to installation in 6 steps, including a photometry study and, for solar lighting, the calculation of the sunshine available on location.

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