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    Wide detection area

    Hold time

    Daylight sensor

    Stand-by period

    Stand-by dimming level

    10-12M mounting height 

    One single magical sensor.

    Our MOV PIR BLE motion & light sensor automatically controls the lamps so that they switch on only when needed, saving the lamps and saving energy without compromising on the quality of the lighting.

    All our recent products are equipped with a ZHAGA connector, which can be connected to MOV PIR BLE sensor when you decide it's time to make more savings.

    Know more about MOV PIR BLE

    Bluetooth control

    Detection patterns

    Widespread installation height: 10-12m.
    Detection area: Max Ø 2-4m/6.58-13.12ft (ceiling mounted)
    These figures show the maximum distance at the greatest grip height at 100% sensitivity.

    “Daylight priority” mode

    Dual-PD technology brings a fully automatic “daylight priority” mode that can see the difference between natural light
    and LED light, to ensure the light will be turned off when needed.

    Daylight priority condition:
    1.Daylight threshold is 30Lux/50Lux/80Lux/120Lux /200Lux/250Lux/300Lux/350Lux/400Lux
    2. Standby period : +∞
    3.Standby dimming level is 10% / 20% / 30%.