KAPSEA Shines at Light+Building 2023 Exhibition
Revolutionizing Solar Lighting in Cold Climates
Discover KAPSEA's Advanced Technology for Demanding Environments

When one thinks of solar lighting, images of warm and sunny climates often come to mind. But do you think solar solutions are limited to these ideal conditions? At KAPSEA, we break this myth. We have pushed the boundaries of innovation to deliver effective solar solutions even in the harshest climatic conditions.

Self-Heating Battery Technology: 

One of the biggest challenges for solar lighting in cold climates is maintaining battery performance. Dropping temperatures can significantly affect the ability of batteries to charge and discharge effectively. 

To address this issue, KAPSEA has introduced a self-heating battery technology. When the temperature falls below a critical threshold, our intelligent system activates a heating mechanism that maintains the battery at an optimal temperature for maximum performance. This innovation ensures that our solar lighting systems remain reliable and efficient, even in the coldest climates.