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Meet Michael Leyzour, Our Assembly Technician

📣 Hello everyone! Today, we had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Leyzour, a mounting technician at KAPSEA. Learn more about his role and his experience within our company! 💡✨

👤 (J): Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your role at KAPSEA? 

🗣️ (M): Hello, I am Michael Leyzour, originally from Chorges in the Hautes-Alpes. I joined the KAPSEA team in July 2023 as a mounting technician. I am in charge of assembling the solar luminaires that we manufacture here.

👤 (J): What attracted you to KAPSEA and what makes this company unique in your opinion?

 🗣️ (M): What particularly attracted me to KAPSEA is firstly the exceptional quality of our products. They are not ordinary luminaires; they are really elegant and well-designed. This is not entry-level, it's high-end. Also, I really appreciate the assembly of complex solutions. We have a real desire to create durable and high-quality products. This makes KAPSEA unique in its field.

👤 (J): How would you describe the work atmosphere at KAPSEA? 

🗣️ (M): The work atmosphere at KAPSEA is really nice. It's a great team, and I'm happy to see my colleagues every day. I feel very good here.

👤 (J): What are the most important values or company culture here for you?

 🗣️ (M): The most important value for me here revolves around energy. It's a very sensitive topic in 2023, and we all need to be aware of the energy we consume. Offering solar energy solutions is something that deeply resonates with me; it's very interesting to contribute to that.

👤 (J): How do you see the future of KAPSEA in terms of product or technology development? 

🗣️ (M): I see KAPSEA's future as very promising and evolutionary. We are constantly improving our products, imagining new models, and designing innovative technologies. I feel that KAPSEA is in constant evolution, and that excites me.

👤 (J): How does the company promote employee well-being?

 🗣️ (M): KAPSEA promotes employee well-being in several ways. We have a pleasant work atmosphere, regular meetings that structure our day, a team meal each week, and our new premises, which are really nice, offer great work comfort.

👤 (J): How does KAPSEA encourage innovation within the team?

 🗣️ (M): Each of us, in every position, has the freedom to propose and share our opinions on products in development and the processes we put in place. This encourages us to be creative and contribute by proposing new ideas. We all move forward together in this approach.

👤 (J): Finally, what message or perspective would you like to share with our community, whether it be future employees, partners, or clients?

 🗣️ (M): I want to tell our community to stay informed about our evolution, our new designs, and our new products, by following us on social media. You will see for yourself that we are a constantly evolving company, a company that is doing well, and evolving positively. Stay tuned! ✨

Feel free to ask us questions in the comments and share this post to introduce KAPSEA to your network. Thank you all for your support!

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Backstage at KAPSEA
KAPSEA, Ludovic MIEZE 16 January, 2024
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KAPSEA Shines at Light+Building 2023 Exhibition
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